Dr. Arezoo Islami is awarded the 2024 Faculty Research Fellowship by the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies for her project, “Infinite Freedom: Science and Mathematics in the Iranian Diaspora”

Author: Olivia Walters
January 29, 2024

Many congratulations to our very own Dr. Arezoo Islami for receiving this fellowship with the Center for Iranian Diasporia Studies! Please see the featured article from the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies on this award for the full article.

"The Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies is pleased to announce that Dr. Arezoo Islami, Assistant Professor in SF State's Department of Philosophy has been awarded the Center’s 2024 Faculty Research Fellowship. Professor Islami’s research focuses on math, science and philosophy pedagogy in the Iranian diaspora by tracing how academics in North America, who have come from Iran, approach their pedagogy and cultural practice in the US university context. “Like an urchin diver, I am going to dive into deep waters to find the treasures that Iranian mathematicians and scientists have brought to the US in the past few decades. I will study the unique pedagogy and philosophy that has lit up classrooms and educated the finest scientists and mathematicians who have been equipped with the gift of excellent teaching. I'm honored to be interviewing, reading, researching and writing about this understudied group whose contributions to education and academic research in the US have been significant.”