Undergraduate Degrees

Here at SF State, we have several ways of pursuing the study of philosophy, each of which is tailored to the different interests and aspirations of our students.

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B.A. in Philosophy and Religion 


The B.A. in Philosophy and Religion, covers most of the core subjects for the B.A. in Philosophy, including ethics, epistemology, metaphysics and the history of philosophy.


However, unlike the B.A. in Philosophy, the B.A. in Philosophy and Religion centers on courses that address the religious experience and those areas of philosophy that overlap with religion. Central areas include Philosophy of Religion, World Religions and The Nature of the Religious Experience. This degree also gives students more opportunities to take elective courses in religion and religious studies.





B.A. in Philosophy 


Course requirements for a B.A. in Philosophy cover the core philosophical disciplines, such as Metaphysics , Epistemology , Ethics and Logic.


These core areas are not only interesting in themselves, they are also useful in reflecting on other things that we do; as a result, we regularly offer courses on topics in other fields of inquiry and practices, such as, Philosophy of the Natural Sciences, Mind, Language, Law, Art, and Applied Ethics.

We also offer courses on various individual philosophers and non-Western traditions. SF State is unique in also addressing the cross-cultural dimensions of philosophy, regularly offering courses on philosophy in the middle-east and the far-east (e.g., Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Mysticism, Chinese philosophy, and Buddhism)


B.A. in Philosophy: Concentration in Philosophy and Law 


The B.A. in Philosophy: Concentration in Philosophy and Law offers a focus on issues at the heart of law and politics, including the philosophy of law, political philosophy and a wide array of courses in applied ethics.


In addition to the foundational coursework of the Philosophy B.A., we offer a specialized B.A. that emphasizes the skills and coursework typically required by law schools. Effective Fall 2022, this new Concentration will replace the current B.A. in Philosophy: emphasis in Philosophy and Law.