About Us

The department offers the opportunity for a systematic study of the philosophies of past and present, of East and West, a study that deepens and broadens one's outlook on the world and on human affairs, and thus provides a more secure basis on which to develop one's own philosophy.

The Department of Philosophy offers students a broad education in the history of thought, development of powerful reasoning skills, and opportunities to apply their insights and skills to areas of personal and professional interest.

An education in philosophy is beneficial in almost all parts of life. Generally speaking, philosophical education is eminently valuable for careers that call for analysis and evaluation of problems, smart solutions, critical and creative thinking and writing, and powerful advocacy of one's beliefs and values. Our degree programs develop students’ potential for independent thought and intellectual creativity. Philosophy students score extremely well on the admission tests required by various post-baccalaureate professional schools. A double major in philosophy complements and enhances other degrees, whether in the sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities or professional studies.

Students can choose a degree program that includes both general theories in the different philosophical fields and philosophy as applied in different areas of understanding (the B.A. in Philosophy), or a degree that intersects philosophy and religion with a focus on the diverse forms experiences of spirituality can take (the B.A. in Philosophy and Religion), or a program that emphasizes foundations of law, public policy, and rights (the B.A. in Philosophy with an Emphasis in Philosophy and Law). The department’s programs also recognize students’ diversity of interests by allowing a great deal of flexibility in choosing program content.

Students may double-major, combining the skills, perspectives, and knowledge acquired in the Philosophy major with a pre-professional, social science, liberal arts, healthcare, human services, liberal studies, education, business, biological, pre-medicine, physical or computer science degree.