Deena Lin

Deena Lin

( She/Her/Hers )
Lecturer Faculty
Philosophy and Religion
Location: Zoom
Office Hours:
Wed: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Poststructuralist Philosophy
  • Deconstructive Theology
  • Theology of the Body
  • Feminist Philosophy & Theology
  • Comparative World Religions
  • Mysticism of Meister Eckhart
  • Religious Pluralism
  • Critical Theory
Courses Taught
  • PHIL 110: Introduction to Critical Thinking I
  • PHIL 130: Intro. To Philosophy of the Arts
  • PHIL 502: World Religions
  • PHIL 500: Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 525/RELS 300: Nature of Religious Experience
Recent Publications


  • Butler on Whitehead: On the Occasion. Roland Faber, Michael Halewood, and Deena M. Lin., Eds. (Lexington Books, 2012).


  • "Welcoming Syrian Life: Recognitions of Immanent Vulnerability” in Roland Faber and Jeremy Fackenthal, Eds., Whitehead and Continental Philosophy in the Twenty-First Century: Dislocations (Lexington Books, 2019).
  • "Probing Identity: Challenging Essentializations of the Self in Ontology. A Response to Gereon Kopf” in Ingolf Dalferth and Trevor Kimball, Eds., Self or No-Self?: The Debate about Selflessness and the Sense of Self (Mohr Siebeck, 2017).

Book Reviews

  • Review of White Christian Privilege: The Illusion of Religious Equality in America by Khyati Y. Joshi (NYU Press, 2020) in Reading Religion (American Academy of Religion’s book review site) (Fall 2021).
  • Review of Faith After Doubt: Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working and What To Do About It by Brian D. McLaren (St. Martin’s, 2021) in Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM) (Fall 2021).
Butler on Whitehead book cover