Philosophy and Religion

The B.A. in Philosophy and Religion degree includes the study of the spiritual thought and practice of diverse groups, communities, and individuals throughout the ages.

Students will gain basic knowledge about diverse religious traditions and develop a deeper understanding of their special areas of interest. The goal of this program is to provide students with techniques and insights needed for rigorous examination of the issues, experiences, and concerns arising from religious quests for certainty, community, and social justice.

B.A. in Philosophy and Religion Degree Requirements

A minimum of 40 units are required for the B.A. degree

The following courses are all required for the B.A. in Philosophy and Religion

  • PHIL 300- Academic and Professional Pathways
  • PHIL 303- Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 320GW- Philosophical Analysis 
  • PHIL 450- Ethics 
  • PHIL 500- Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 502- World Religions
  • PHIL 525/RELS 300 - The Nature of Religious Experience
  • PHIL 696: Directed Readings: Learning Outcomes


Two courses from the following list: 

  • PHIL 436- Islamic Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 494- Philosophy and Personal Development
  • 500 level PHIL course in Comparative thought 



Two courses from the following list: 

  • PHIL 301- Ancient Philosophy
  • PHIL 302- Medieval Philosophy 
  • PHIL 410- Topics in the History of Philosophy*
  • PHIL 516- Islamic Political Philosophy 


One course from the following list: 

  • PHIL 321- Being and Knowing
  • PHIL 350- Philosophy of Science 
  • PHIL 351- Philosophy of Risk 
  • PHIL 604- Metaphysics
  • PHIL 610- Theory of Knowledge
  • PHIL 620- Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL 621- Minds, Brains and Computers
  • PHIL 630- Philosophy of Language 

Related Content

This club is in its very beginning. This semester it will meet to discern its focus and leadership. Next semester it will seek official status as one of the clubs sponsored by both the Department of Philosophy and SF State’s Gator Experience. Roughly and preliminarily, we envision that it will be the club for students who are more interested in religions and the more religious side of philosophy, and interested in philosophies and religions as ways of living. But we are open to many different visions for the club and invite you to discuss it. For information please email coordinator Alice Sowaal.

Faculty and students interested in the intersection of philosophy and religion gather twice a semester to explore pertinent themes in this subfield of philosophy. Our group brings together scholars with diverse backgrounds in religious studies and philosophy of religion to share their reflections on these issues. We have scholars specializing in Chinese & Buddhist philosophy, Islamic thought, mysticism, and philosophy of religion.

Faculty Leadership: 

Alice Sowaal

Alice Sowaal

Philosophy and Religion Advisor- B.A. and Minor programs

B.A. in Philosophy and Religion Bulletin


  • PHIL 210 -Great Thinkers: East and West
  • PHIL 410- Topics in the HIstory of Philosophy
    • The Prophet and the Genius
    • Meaning of Life
  • PHIL 436 – Islamic Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 500 - Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 502 - World Religions
  • PHIL 509 - The Buddhist Traditions
  • PHIL 511 - Chinese Philosophy & Religion
  • PHIL 515: Islamic Mysticism
  • PHIL 516: Islamic Philosophy 
  • PHIL 520 - Philosophy and Mysticism 
  • PHIL 525 -The Nature of Religious Experience
  • PHIL 530 -Selected Religious Thinkers 
    • Transformative Knowledge
  • PHIL 540 - Selected Issues in Religious Thought 
    • Concept of God
  • PHIL 552 -Judaism: Religion and Text 
PHIL 700- Seminar in Selected Problems
  • Philosophy and Prophecy
  • Myth of the Given 
  • Knowing the Unknown
  • PHIL 772-- Seminar in a Classical School
    • Confucian and Buddhist Philosophy 
    • Daoism
  • PHIL 795- Early Modern Philosophy 
    • Mysticism and Modern Philosophy