Philosophy and Law

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to share that we will be now be offering a B.A. in Philosophy with a concentration in Philosophy and Law. 

Why Should Pre-Law Students Study Philosophy? 

According to the American Philosophical Association, a wide range of philosophy courses are valuable to Pre-Law majors: Intermediate to advanced courses in logic; a number of courses in ethics, including political and social philosophy, philosophy of law and medical ethics; epistemology, which examines standards of evidence; philosophy of mind, which bears on issues of human motivation as well as those of moral and legal responsibility; philosophy of language, which dwells on multiple dimensions of communication; and philosophy of science, which is of particularly value for those interested in practicing in the areas of law concerned with technology and sciences.

(American Philosophical Association, “Philosophy: A Brief Guide for Undergraduates”).

B.A. in Philosophy: Concentration in Philosophy and Law

A minimum of 41 units is required for the degree

22 units required (non-elective): 

  • PHIL 205- Formal Logic
  • PHIL 300- Academic and Professional Pathways
  • PHIL 303- Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 320GW- Philosophical Analysis 
  • PHIL 321- Being and Knowing
  • PHIL 330- Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 380- Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 450- Ethics
  • PHIL 696- Directed Reading: Learning Outcomes


One of the following courses: 

PHIL 301- Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 302- Medieval Philosophy 

PHIL 410- Topics in the History of Philosophy*

PHIL 436- Islamic Political Philosophy 


Two of the following courses:

*At least one course must NOT be a GE

  • PHIL 350- Philosophy of Science*
  • PHIL 351- Philosophy of Risk*
  • PHIL 605- Metaphysics
  • PHIL 610- Theory of Knowledge
  • PHIL 620- Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL 621- Minds, Brains and Computers
  • PHIL 630- Philosophy of Language 

Three courses from the following list: 

  • PHIL 304- Ethics Bowl 
  • PHIL 315- Intro to Global Peace Studies
  • PHIL 335- Law and Society
  • PHIL 373-The Ethics of Migration and Membership 
  • PHIL 375- Peace Law and Human Rights in the U.S
  • PHIL 378- Philosophy of Criminal Law
  • PHIL 383- Ethics in Medicine
  • PHIL 384- Philosophy of Research Ethics
  • PHIL 395- Ethical Issues in Science and Technology 
  • PHIL 430- Topics in Contemporary Philosophy*
  • PHIL 435- Human Rights in Global Perspective
  • PHIL 436- Islamic Political Philosophy 
  • PHIL 451- Feminist Moral Issues
  • PHIL 455- Sex and the Law 
  • PHIL 470- Environmental Ethics 
  • PHIL 494- Philosophy and Personal Development

One course from the following list, or on advisement: 

  • AFRS 375: Law and the Black Community
  • AIS 205- American Indians and U.S Laws
  • AIS 330- American Indian Law
  • ANTH 343- Women and Work 
  • BECA 324- Law and Regulation of Electronic Media 
  • C J 435- Race, Crime and Justice
  • C J 501- Criminal Law
  • EDAD 763- Law and Education
  • GPA 375- Peace, Law and Human Rights in the U.S 
  • I R 330- World Law (4 units)
  • I R 332- International Criminal Law(4 units)
  • JOUR 307- News Media Law
  • JS 381- The Holocaust and the Law
  • LABR 650- Labor Law
  • PLSI 308- Research and Writing for Public Law (4 units) 
  • PLSI 422- Law and Courts in Comparative Perspective(4 units)
  • PLSI 470- The Politics of Sex and Reproduction (4 units)
  • PLSI 478- Judicial Process(4 units)
  • PLSI 552- Individual Rights and the Constitution (4 units)
  • PLSI 553- Legal Issues (4 units)
  • PLSI 561- Jurisprudence (4 units)
  • RRS 250- Race, Ethnicity and Power in America 
  • SOC 457- Sociology of Law(4 units)
  • USP 513 - Politics, Law and the Urban Environment (4 units)
  • SXS 455- Sex, Power and Politics
  • WGS 534 /SXS 345 - Gender and the Law
  • WGS 563- Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of Mobility

Related Content

Values in Society Affinity circle is concerned with all things value theory; we are interested in aesthetics, ethics, political, and social philosophy, including topics like feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, ethics of liberation, decoloniality, and various topics in applied ethics. The group is open to all faculty and MA students in the department (and relevantly adjacent departments). If you are interested in presenting your work to the group, whether it’s completed or in progress, please reach out to one of the facilitators!

Faculty Leadership:

Macy Salzberger
Jamie Lindsay 
Caitlin Dolan

Faculty Advising:

Carlos Montemayor

Itzel Garcia

Advising materials:

B.A. in Philosophy: Concentration in Law Program of Study

B.A. in Philosophy: Concentration in Law Bulletin**


**Please note: Beginning Fall 2022, the current Emphasis program will be replaced with the Concentration. 


    • PHIL 335 – Law & Society

    • PHIL 375 – Peace Law & Human Rights in the U.S.

    • PHIL 378 – Philosophy of Criminal Law

    • PHIL 380 – Philosophy of Law

    • PHIL 455 – Sex & Law