James Blackmon

Lecturer Faculty
Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Ethical Issues in Science and Technology
Email: jcblackmon@sfsu.edu
Location: Zoom

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Courses Taught

PHIL 101 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 110 - Introduction to Critical Thinking I
PHIL 205 - Formal Logic
PHIL 320GW - Philosophical Analysis - GWAR
PHIL 321 - Being and Knowing
PHIL 350 - Philosophy of Science
PHIL 395 - Ethical Issues in Science and Technology
PHIL 621 - Minds, Brains and Computers
PHIL 620 - Philosophy of Mind

Recent Publications

Integrated Information Theory, Intrinsicality, and Overlapping Conscious Systems Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2021.

IIT’s Scientific Counter-Revolution: A Neuroscientific Theory’s Physical and Metaphysical Implications with Francis Fallon Entropy 2021, 23(8), 942.

Review of Peter Godfrey-Smith’s Metazoa: Animal Life and the Birth of the Mind with Jo Edwards Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2021, 28, No. 5-6.

"Hemispherectomies and Independently Conscious Brain Regions" Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics 2

"Searle's Wall" Erkenntnis 2012

"Review of "Re-Emergence: Locating Conscious Properties in a Material WorldEssays in Philosophy: Vol. 13: Iss. 2, Article 12, 2012

"Atomistic Learning in Non-Modular Systems" with Robert Cummins, David Byrd, Pierre Poirier, and Martin Roth Philosophical Psychology 2005

"What Systematicity Isn't: Reply to Wayne Davis" with Robert Cummins, David Byrd, Alexa Lee, and Martin Roth, Journal of Philosophical Research 2005

"Systematicity and the Cognition of Structured Domains" with David Byrd, Martin Roth, R. Cummins, Pierre Poirier, and Georg Schwarz, The Journal of Philosophy XCVII, No. 4: 167-185 2001

"The Epistemology of Non-symbolic Cognition: Atomistic Learning and Forgetting" with David Byrd, Martin Roth, Robert Cummins, Pierre Poirier, and Georg Schwarz. Tech. Report Phil 99-3, UC Davis