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Taking Philosophy
to a Higher Degree
Friday, April 24th
5 – 6 p.m.
HUM 587

This is a workshop for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in pursuing advanced degrees in philosophy.

We will cover topics including: choosing programs, preparing and submitting applications, preparing writing samples, writing letters of application, requesting recommendations, and planning the whole process.

(If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact Professor Sowaal by e-mail at asowaal@sfsu.edu or by phone at (415) 338-3136.)


All attendees are invited to stay for pizza after the workshop and before Ask a Philosopher!

Come prepared to ask questions, deepen your understanding of philosophy, and partake of some fresh, hot pizza!

Yes, that’s right!



Ask a Philosopher
Friday, April 24th
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
HUM 587

We have an amazing panel of philosophers lined up to answer all of your burning philosophical questions. Three incredibly gracious faculty have agreed to give us two whole hours in which we can ask them ANYTHING...philosophical.

Mohammad Azadpur!

Dr. Azadpur’s interests include ethics, M & E,    Islamic philosophy, analytic Hegelians (Sellars, McDowell, and Brandom), early Heidegger, new Wittgenstein and later Foucault.       

Miguel Balboa!

Prof. Balboa’s interests include the philosophy of art and the ontogenesis of meaning and value, practical reasoning with contradictions, and the use of deductive reasoning in the history of ideas.

Saray Ayala-Lopez!

Dr. Ayala-Lopez’s work applies conceptual tools from the philosophy of cognitive science and language to understand and explain episodes of discrimination and injustice.


SFSU M.A. Program Rises in PGR Ranking

The SFSU M.A. program has risen to a three-way tie for sixth place in the '15/'16 Philosophical Gourmet Ranking (PGR) of stand-alone philosophy M.A. programs.

The PGR rankings are based on peer assessments of the program faculty's strengths. SFSU has been in the PGR's top ten list since 2009.

Philosophy Students Help High Schoolers Tackle Ethics

November 14, 2014
A group of San Francisco high school students will wrestle with tricky ethical questions during a competition this January, with help from SF State philosophers.

Seven graduate philosophy students are serving as coaches for high schoolers at San Francisco's School of the Arts and the Academy of Arts and Sciences who will be competing in the High School Ethics Bowl next January. This is the second year SF State students have been involved in the competition.

SF State graduate philosophy students Ashlie Meredith, Matt Howery and Eric Clanton

Ashlie Meredith (from left), Matt Howery and Eric Clanton are among several SF State graduate philosophy students serving as coaches for San Francisco public high school teams competing in the High School Ethics Bowl.

"I have never seen people so interested in these questions before," said Matt Howery, one of the coaches and the SF State outreach coordinator for the National High School Ethics Bowl. "Especially in San Francisco, teenagers are passionate social justice ninjas. These are things they care about." Last year, Howery's team made it all the way to the regional semifinals, an impressive achievement for a public school with fewer resources than many of its competitors.

For the SF State students, Howery added, giving back to the community in this manner is a natural and important part of what they do as philosophers.

"A philosopher is a teacher," he said. "Philosophy is teaching. It's not a field that exists if no one is sharing information. Anytime we are engaging people, especially people who are not philosophers, we are engaging in an art that is thousands of years old."

The seven coaches are supervising six teams of five students each, working with them for a few hours each month to teach them how to develop arguments and engage others in collaborative debate -- the criteria by which they will be scored during the competition. The regional competition in January will be held at University of California, Santa Cruz, with the winner advancing to the National High School Ethics Bowl in North Carolina. Topics will include whether it is okay for a country such as Brazil to spend billions hosting the World Cup while many of its citizens are starving and whether photoshopping magazine models is ever appropriate.

"I've been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the students take to philosophical arguments, the kinds of objections that they raise and their philosophical development," said Ashlie Meredith, a graduate student and coach. "Watching that has really cultivated a passion in me for bringing philosophy to young people. It's important to foster their critical thinking skills so they can learn how to develop their own opinions and become informed citizens."

The SF State students' involvement is essential because it provides the high school students with a historical and academic context for the skills they are learning, said Jerry Pannone, a retired teacher and the ethics bowl coordinator at the two high schools.

"That is really enlightening to the kids, to see that these are very well-founded ethical theories that can also be in conflict with each other," Pannone said. "The SF State students can elucidate that for them and show them the classical development of an argument where you have two or three premises and a conclusion. That is excellent for students to learn."

-- Jonathan Morales

-- From SF State News


Professor Pamela Hood and alum Saja Parvizian (M.A. '10) will present papers at  the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science and other groups, at Fordham Lincoln Center in New York, October 24-26, 2014. Professor Hood's paper is on “Phronesis and Strict Virtue in EN, VI”. Saja's paper is on  “Rethinking Descartes' Lumine Naturali Through al-Ghazali's Nur”. He and his wife Kristen are completing their doctorates at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Announcement of Corbenic Scholarships

Thanks to a generous six-figure bequest from a former SFSU M.A. degree holder who went on to earn his doctorate, the SFSU Philosophy Department will begin a new scholarship program for students entering the M.A. program in Fall '15 and subsequent years. Scholarships may be matched with Graduate Teaching Associate Fellowships. Information about scholarship criteria and application forms will be available on the SFSU Philosophy  Department's webpage by January 15, 2015. 

SFSU also has a variety of other scholarships for graduate students, as well as financial aid.  Students seeking the maximum in financial aid for Fall '15 entry should submit a FAFSA by the end of February '15, even if they have not yet applied to the Philosophy M.A. program.


Congratulations to Jonathan Chen (M.A., FA’ 12), Patrick Smith (M.A., SP’ 12) and Genevieve Wallace (M.A., SP’ 09), all of whom now are full-time lecturers at CSU Sacramento.

Congratulations to Delicia Kamins and Sigmund Werndorf for winning Casanova Pre-doctoral Fellowships for 2014/15. Once again Philosophy M.A. students have made a wonderful showing, attaining 25% of all Casanovas awarded to SFSU students. And great thanks go to their faculty sponsors, Professor Azadpur and Professor Landy.

Congratulations to Michelle Covington (M.A. '14), who has completed a year of law school and now is transferring to the University of California Law School (formerly Boalt Hall).

University Scholarships

SFSU scholarships are available! Apply here.