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Congratulations to Jonathan Chen (MA, FA’ 12), Patrick Smith (MA, SP’ 12) and Genevieve Wallace (MA, SP’ 09), all of whom now are full-time lecturers at CSU Sacramento.

Congratulations to Delicia Kamins and Sigmund Werndorf for winning Casanova Pre-doctoral Fellowships for 2014/15. Once again Philosophy MA students have made a wonderful showing, attaining 25% of all Casanovas awarded to SFSU students. And great thanks go to their faculty sponsors, Professor Azadpur and Professor Landy.

Congratulations to Michelle Covington (MA '14), who has completed a year of law school and now is transferring to the University of California Law School (formerly Boalt Hall).


After July 10th:
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A continuing M.A. student presented his paper, “Bob Kaufman and the Language of Emancipation,” at the 2013 Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium: Grounding Aesthetics. He also presented another paper, “Social Contract Theory as It Applies to Transnational Internet and Technology Companies,” at the 2014 Asia Association for Global Studies: Ethics in a Globalizing World.


Congratulations to James Taplin, who received his MA in F’12; his paper  “Exemplars and Saints: A Virtue Ethical Response to Moral Saints Problems” has been selected for presentation at the April 16-20 2014 Pacific Division APA Meeting in San Diego.

Jen White, who will receive her MA in SP’14, will present her paper “Zhi 智 (Wisdom) as a Metacognitive Virtue in the Mengzi” on the Group Program of the International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy. Professor Sowaal is giving an invited paper on “Mary Astell and the Development of Vice: Pride, Courtship, and the Human Nature Question” on the Main Program. Professor Emeritus Bach is giving an invited paper on “Mean and Nasty Talk: On the Semantics and Pragmatics of Slurs” on the Main Program. Professor Silvers is speaking on “Implementation on the APA’s Nondiscrimination Policy” on the Main Program. Professor Landy is giving a paper on “A Rebuttal to a Classic Objection to Kant’s Argument in the First Analogy” for the Society for German Idealism on the Group Program. Professors Fairweather, Sveinsdottir, Toh, and van Fraassen will chair sessions on the Main Program.