Graduate Excellence Celebration Week: Ethical A.I. at SFSU

Event Date: Friday, March 5 - 3:30 pm
Location: Zoom

Ethical A.I. at SFSU

As part of Graduate Excellence Celebration week, Macy Salzberger, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy; Denise Kleinrichert, Professor, Lam Family College of Business; and Justin Sampson, Graduate Student, Department of Computer Science, will discuss the Graduate Certificate in Ethical Artificial Intelligence at SFSU. The Ethical A.I. certificate is a multidisciplinary program integrating courses from the Computer Science and Philosophy Departments and the Lam Family College of Business.

A.I. is becoming an integral technology in many areas, such as medicine, autonomous vehicles, and sentencing decisions (as evidenced by the recent CA proposition to replace cash bail with algorithm-informed decision-making). During the panel, they will discuss different ethical issues that arise with the use of A.I., expectations for the certificate, and student experiences with the certificate.

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