Social and Political Philosophy

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Values in Society Affinity Circle is concerned with all things value theory; we are interested in aesthetics, ethics, political, and social philosophy, including topics like feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, ethics of liberation, decoloniality, and various topics in applied ethics. The group is open to all faculty and MA students in the department (and relevantly adjacent departments). If you are interested in presenting your work to the group, whether it’s completed or in progress, please reach out to one of the facilitators!

Faculty Leadership:

Macy Salzberger
 Jamie Lindsay 
Caitlin Dolan
  • PHIL 130 - Political & Social Philosophy
  • PHIL 150 - Contemporary Moral/Political Issues
  • PHIL 330 - Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 384 - Philosophy of Research Ethics 
  • PHIL 395 - Ethical Issues: Science & Technology
  • PHIL 450 - Ethics
  • PHIL 451 - Feminist Moral Issues
  • PHIL 470 - Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 890 - Seminar in Current Issues in Philosophy
    • Previous topics:
      • Issues in Political and Social Philosophy 
      • Philosophy of Moral Psychology 
      • Well Being