Johnathan Gaydos photo

Johnathan Gaydos

Graduate Teaching Associate
Location: HUM 391A
Office Hours:
Wed: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

"Hi, I am Jonathan Gaydos. I received an A.A. in Philosophy and an A.A. in Foreign Languages from Orange Coast College. I then got my B.A. in Philosophy from Cal Poly Humboldt. I also maintain my NREMT certification and am an ordained minister. My philosophical Interests include ancient philosophy (namely Plato), Kant, and Aesthetics. 

Recently I have been ponding about personhood as it relates to the possibility to a pre and post person, as well as video games as an art form. When I’m not doing philosophical work, however, I enjoy watching movies and playing video games. I also love cats, cooking, and music (mostly Taylor Swift)."