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I graduated with a BA in Philosophy and Religion and an MA in Philosophy from San Francisco State University. I have been teaching philosophy for SFSU and Cal State Northridge since 2014 and 2016 respectively. My interests include virtue ethics, virtue epistemology, Indian philosophy, and Ancient  Hellenistic philosophy. I try to bring the 'philosophy as a way of life' approach into my courses by provoking inquiry into the good life, engaging in a diversity of perspectives, encouraging students to lead discussions, and having them test the practical dimensions of the theories they study.


  • “Acting Without Thinking” [book chapter] in Indiana Jones and Philosophy, edited by Dean A. Kowalski, Blackwell Publishing  (forthcoming)

  • “The Ethics of Survivor: It’s just a game.” [blog article] at The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series (May, 2020)

  • “When the Golden Rule Fails: Larry David’s ethics in Curb Your Enthusiasm.” [blog article] at The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series (Jan, 2020)

  • “Review of The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Ethics, ed. by Shyam Ranganathan” [journal review] in Journal of Moral Philosophy, Issue 16.5 (Oct, 2019)

  • “A Replicant's Guide to Becoming Human” [book chapter] in Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy, edited by Trip McCrossin and Robin Bunce, Open Court Publishing, 2019

  • “Rick Sanchez as Educator” [magazine article] in The Philosophers' Magazine, Issue 85 (2nd Quarter 2019)