Minor in Philosophy

Students who cannot complete an entire B.A. on philosophical subjects are invited to minor in philosophy. The first of these, the Minor in Philosophy, requires 21 units in philosophy, at least fifteen (15) of these being upper division units.

Minor in Philosophy and Religion

The Minor in Philosophy and Religion also requires 21 units in the Philosophy Department, at least twelve (12) of these being courses that focus specifically on religion, which are designated by a course number in the 500's. Of the remaining nine (9) units, six (6) units must be upper division philosophy courses and three (3) units must be from a lower division philosophy course.

Minor in Religious Studies

The religious studies minor offers students the opportunity to study the full spectrum of humankind’s religious heritage from an interdisciplinary perspective. It requires 21 units distributed across several general areas and fields of study, as specified in the Religious Studies Minor bulletin.