John Archuleta

Graduate Teaching Associate
Location: Humanities 391A
Office Hours:
Tue: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Hello! My name is John Archuleta and am excited to be your GTA this semester. My love for philosophy started in community college, and after finishing my A.A. at Diablo Valley College I transferred to San Francisco State to complete a B.A. in Philosophy - I graduated in the Spring of 2020, and went right on to pursue my M.A. at SF State in the Fall. 

While I have decided to pursue a career in philosophy for many reasons, the primary draw has been a want to teach and pass on the knowledge and ideas that I have absorbed over the course of my studies. My primary interests within philosophy are existentialism, moral and political philosophy, and non-Western thought. 

Outside of my academic work, I work in the craft coffee industry as a Barista and Coffee Roaster and have been doing it for about four to five years. A major part of my work in that industry is finding ways to make coffee more sustainable as well as sourced ethically.