Dr. Anita Silvers Receives CSU Wang Family Excellence Award

Monday, March 06, 2017

It is with great pleasure that we share the news that our own Dr. Anita Silvers has won the CSU Wang Family Excellence Award, which honors the very best faculty member in each of four areas across the entire 23-campus system. Dr. Silvers is being recognized as the foremost member of the faculty in the visual and performing arts and letters.

This is the very highest CSU-sponsored accolade a faculty member in our system can receive, marking extraordinary distinction not just in scholarship but also in teaching and service to the University and the larger community.

In keeping with the spirit of charity and self-sacrifice for which she is known, Dr. Silvers has decided to use the entirety of the award money and add a substantial amount of her own funds to endow a scholarship for philosophy students.

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