Student Activities & Awards

Our students are participating in the philosophical community in myriad ways. Feel free to browse the conferences and presentations they are participating in, as well as awards and scholarships they are winning.

Breaking News

  • Alum Michael Morales (M.A. '10), now a Philosophy instructor at City College of San Francisco, has been featured in their city-wide campus newspaper, The Guardsman!
  • Another one of our philosophy M.A. students has been awarded the Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year! Congratulations to Kathleen Nicole O'Neal and thanks to her faculty mentor, Dr. Isabelle Peschard, for her sponsorship.
  • Recent graduate Rachel Buddeberg is making news for her advocacy in San Francisco, which continues the work begun in her M.A. thesis in the Department of Philosophy.
  • Professor Pamela Hood and alum Saja Parvizian (M.A. '10) will present papers at the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science and other groups, at Fordham Lincoln Center in New York,October 24-26, 2014. Professor Hood's paper is on “Phronesis and Strict Virtue in EN, VI”. Saja's paper is on “Rethinking Descartes' Lumine Naturali Through al-Ghazali's Nur”. He and his wife Kristen are completing their doctorates at the University of Illinois Chicago.
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Chen (M.A., fall '12), Patrick Smith (M.A., spring '12) and Genevieve Wallace (M.A., spring '09), all of whom now are full-time lecturers at CSU Sacramento.
  • Two philosophy M.A. students have been awarded Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year. Philosophy students continue to enjoy enormous success at winning these prestigious and highly beneficial scholarships, this year once again representing 25% of all the SF State awardees!

Participation in the Philosophical Community

  • Two continuing M.A. students have been accepted to present their papers at the 2015 Northwest Philosophy Conference! This will take place in October, at North Idaho College. The two papers are titled, "Bold Naturalism: Confronting the Problem of Intentionality," and "Retrieving the Philosophical Way of Life."
  • A continuing M.A. student will give a co-authored presentation, "Sensing Synesthesia: A Philosophical View of the Senses and Synesthesia," at the National Conference of the American Synesthesia Association in Miami, Florida.
  • A continuing M.A. student presented her paper, "The Pitfalls of Contempt in Liberatory Struggles," at the 8th Annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress at CU Boulder.
  • A continuing M.A. student presented his paper, "The Instrumental Extents of Moral Enhancement," at the Montreal Neuroethics Conference for Young Researchers at l’Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal.
  • A continuing M.A. student presented his paper, "How the Representation Consumer Determines Representational Content," at the Long Island Philosophical Society Spring 2015 Conference at St. John’s University.
  • M.A. graduate Ryan C. Fowler, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Classics at Franklin & Marshall College, has just published an edited volume, Plato in the Third Sophistic, and has a translation, The Imperial Plato, due out in 2015.
  • A continuing M.A. student presented his paper, “Rectification of Historic Injustice: Supersession and Dignity Restoration,” at the 11th Annual Intermountian West Student Philosophy Conference at the University of Utah. He also presented another paper, “Beyond the Dilemma of Desire Satisfaction,” at the 65th Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference at Pacific University. This latter paper was selected to be included in an edited anthology, Dimensions of Moral Agency, ed. David Boersema, Cambridge Scholars Press (Forthcoming 2014).
  • A continuing M.A. student has had his paper, "Discursive Sub-communities and Kantian Judgments of Taste," accepted for presentation at Georgia State University's 11th Annual Student Philosophy Symposium.
  • A continuing M.A. student has had his paper "Virtue as the Skill of Living: Inducing the 'Good Flow'" accepted for presentation at the 2014 Graduate Student Philosophy Conference, "Philosophy, Virtue, and Personhood" at Loyola University Chicago.
  • A continuing M.A. student has had his paper "The Meaning of Personal and Subpersonal States" accepted for presentation at the Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Graduate Philosophy Conference.
  • A continuing M.A. student has had her paper "Creating the Self: Social Media and the Aesthetics of the Self" accepted for presentation at the Weber Graduate Conference at San Diego State University.
  • A continuing M.A. student has had his paper "The Place of Health in the Liberal Theory of Justice" accepted for presentation at the late September '13 Second Annual Conference on Medical Humanities at Western Michigan University.
  • A graduating student (M.A. ’13) had her paper ‘Doxastic Attitudes Governed by a Principle of Coherence’, accepted at numerous conferences, including the Trinity College (Ireland) Graduate Student Conference, the North Carolina Philosophical Society Meeting, the Tenth Annual Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference, and the Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Annual Graduate Student Philosophy Conference. Travel has been funded in part by SF State IRA Student Travel Awards.
  • A continuing M.A. student presented her paper, "Are the 'Bad' Things We Do Conventional?" at the 64th Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference. Next month, she will be presenting a paper at the 9th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication: Perceptions and Concepts, in Riga, Latvia. She won an SF State IRA Student Travel Award to fund her trip.
  • A first year M.A. student presented his paper on Biological Enhancement, written for the required PHIL 715 Philosophical Writing course, at the 6th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference: Bioethics at SUNY Albany this month.
  • A continuing M.A. student has published her co-authored paper “The seeming stability of the unconscious homunculus” in Sistemi Intelligenti. She has also presented two posters at this year’s Annual Convention of the Society for Cognitive Neuroscience, after presenting one at that same conference last year, and she has presented two posters at the Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science in 2012, and a poster at that same conference in 2011.
  • A continuing M.A. student presented his paper, “A Feminist Critique of Human Nature Essentialism,” at the Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Graduate Philosophy Conference.
  • While an M.A. student at SF State, a recent graduate (M.A. ’11) published his paper, “Quine's Behaviorism and Linguistic Meaning: Why Quine's Behaviorism is not Illicit” in Philosophia. Also while an M.A. student, his paper “Consciousness, Other Minds, and Naturalizing the Mind” won an essay prize at the International Graduate Conference at Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, which paid his travel to present the paper in Germany. He currently is in a doctoral program where he is co-authoring publications with a faculty member.
  • While an M.A. student at SF State, a recent graduate (M.A. ’12) published her research on prejudice against singles. Her research garnered her acknowledgment on the website “Psychology today” as: “one of the leaders of the up-and-coming generation of singles activists and thinkers.” She also presented a paper at the fall 2010 Pacific Division meeting of the Society for Women in Philosophy.
  • Two students presented papers at the 2013 Western Michigan Medical Humanities Conference: "Evidence and Personhood within Medicine" and "The Place of Health in the Liberal Theory of Justice".
  • A continuing student has had her paper, "Zhi 智 (Wisdom) as a Metacognitive Virtue in the Mengzi" accepted at the 2013 Northeast Conference on Chinese Thought and for presentation at the group session of the International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy at the 2014 Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association.
  • A continuing M.A. student has had his paper "Exemplars and Saints: A Virtue Ethical Response to Moral Saints Problems" accepted for presentation at a colloquium session at the Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association in San Diego in 2014.

Student Awards

  • Three Philosophy M.A. 2013/14 graduates received the SF State Graduate Student Awards for Distinguished Achievement.
  • A current graduate student has received the 2013-2014 Kennedy-King Memorial Graduate Scholarship.
  • A graduate (M.A. Philosophy '12) in her first year as a philosophy doctoral student has won a prestigious Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship. She acquired skills in fellowship application at SF State as a CSU Casanova Predoctoral Fellow.
  • A continuing M.A. student has been accepted to Penn State's Cultivating Underrepresented Students in Philosophy program.
  • This summer, a graduating M.A. student will be working alongside Joshua Knobe at Yale University, assisting with the ongoing research in the Experimental Philosophy Lab and undertaking a project of his own related to his interests in metaethics. The student will start in the Brown University Philosophy doctoral program next fall.
  • A continuing M.A. Student has received, to date, the Scholar of the Year Award (awarded by the SFSU Alumni Association), The Gloria Spencer Scholarship from the University Women's Association, the Edward B. Kaufmann Graduate Scholarship (twice), the Associated Students Scholarship, the Critical Language Scholarship for Chinese, the Judith Anne Ott Scholarship, the Vincent Constantino University Scholarship, and a Sally Casanova Scholarship.
  • In 2012/13, three philosophy M.A. students have been benefitting from CSU system-wide Casanova Predoctoral Fellowships. In 2011/12 two philosophy M.A. students held this Fellowship.
  • Three Philosophy M.A. 2012/13 graduates have received SF State Graduate Student Awards for Distinguished Achievement, as did three Philosophy M.A. 2011/12 graduates.