B.A. in Philosophy

Emphasis in Philosophy and Law

Required courses

Course Title
PHIL 205 Formal Logic I
PHIL 303 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 320 GW Philosophical Analysis - GWAR *
PHIL 321 Being and Knowing
PHIL 450 Ethics

Total for Required Courses, Emphasis in Philosophy and Law: 15 units

Disjunctive History Requirement (3 units)

Course Title
PHIL 301
PHIL 302
PHIL 516
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Islamic Philosophy

Core Philosophy Areas Requirement (6 units)

Course Title
PHIL 610 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 620 Philosophy of the Mind

Normative Issues Requirement (6 units)

Course Title
PHIL 330 Political Philosophy
PHIL 380 Philosophy of Law

plus (9 units)

Course Title
PHIL 335 Law and Society
PHIL 375 Peace Law and Human Rights in the U.S.
PHIL 383 Ethics in Medicine
PHIL 435 Human Rights in Global Perspective
PHIL 436 Islamic Political Philosophy
PHIL 455 Sex and the Law
PHIL 470 Environmental Ethics

Units selected from the following or on advisement: 3 - 4 units

Course Title
AFRS 375 Law and the Black Community
AIS 205 American Indians and U.S. Laws
COMM 461 Issues in Free Speech (4)
C J 501 Criminal Law
I R 330 World Law (4)
LABR 251 Know Your Work Rights
PLSI 552 Individual Rights and the Constitution (4)
PLSI 553 Legal Issues (4)
PLSI 561 Jurisprudence (4)
USP 513 Politics, Law, and the Urban Environment (4)
WGS 534/
S S 345 
Gender and the Law


Course Title
PHIL 696 Directed Reading: Learning Outcomes (1)

Emphasis Total: 43 - 44 units


* PHIL 320 GW satisfies the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). Students who have satisfied GWAR in a discipline other than philosophy will still be required to complete PHIL 320 GW as a requirement of the major.