Graduate Study in Philosophy at SFSU

Welcome to the MA program in Department of Philosophy at San Francisco State University! We are a nationally recognized MA program with a thriving community of engaged philosophers in the heart of the Bay Area. In addition to all the events and programs that are happening around the department, we encourage and support our students’ participation in the broader philosophical community. We are also very proud of our students’ successes in their post-graduate endeavors including excellent records of gaining admission to PhD programs in philosophy and related fields, securing positions teaching philosophy, and putting the knowledge and skills that they acquire with us to use in building careers outside of academia.

Because our world-class graduate faculty are active members of the philosophical profession, we are able to offer our students a number of unique learning opportunities in addition to the wide variety of course offerings (Graduate-level courses are numbered 700+) that reflect the most state-of-the-discipline research interests of the faculty. For example, among many other things, students can participate in the Bay Area Feminist Approaches to Philosophy and Bay Area Philosophy of Science Workshops, or take PHIL 881: Advanced Philosophy Publishing in which students work with a faculty member on some aspect of philosophical publishing.

We also offer our students various opportunities to teach philosophy. Students can serve as teaching assistants either for course credit or remuneration, or can teach their own courses as Graduate Teaching Associates. GTAs attend meetings to discuss effective teaching methods with each other and the faculty head of the GTA program over pizza, of course.

To your left you will find links to pages on our site that give more detailed information about every aspect of our program. On the right you will find the contact information of faculty and staff charged with overseeing the graduate program. Please feel free to get in touch with any of us with questions.

External Reviewers Praise SFSU M.A. !

SFSU is widely regarded as offering one of the top ten stand-alone M.A. programs in the nation.

Follow this link to see highlights from their report.

Announcement of Philosophy Graduate Student Tuition Scholarships

Thanks to a generous six-figure bequest from a former SFSU M.A degree holder who went on to earn his doctorate, the SFSU Philosophy Department began a new scholarship program for students entering the M.A. program in Fall '15 and subsequent years. Scholarships may be matched with Graduate Teaching Associate Fellowships. Information about scholarship criteria and application procedures can be found here.

SFSU also has a variety of other scholarships for graduate students, as well as financial aid. Students seeking the maximum in financial aid should submit a FAFSA by the end of February, even if they have not yet applied to the Philosophy MA program.